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 Commander, 10th & 19th South Carolina Volunteers, CSA  
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Biography from the Confederate Military History, Vol. VI, South Carolina

Colonel James F. Pressley, who succeeded General Manigault in command of the Tenth South Carolina infantry, was graduated in 18551 at the South Carolina military academy, and entering the Confederate service early in 1861, was elected and commissioned lieutenant-colonel of the Tenth regiment. Under the colonelship of A. M. Manigault, he served in this command in South Carolina and North Carolina until the spring of 1863, when the Tenth and Nineteenth regiments were called to Mississippi to reinforce the troops gathered at Corinth after the battle of Shiloh. Manigault was then given brigade command, and Pressley was in charge of the regiment with subsequent promotion to colonel during the remainder of his service. Leading his regiment, he was distinguished on the bloody field of Chickamauga, and during the hundred days' campaign from Dalton to Atlanta led his men with valorous devotion, until, in the furious charge against the Federal batteries on the Georgia railroad near Atlanta, July 22, 1864, he fell severely wounded. He was never able to return for duty in the field,2 and after the war he removed to California, where it was his fate to die in the prime of manhood.

1 Actually, November of 1856.

2 While he did not return to the command of the 10th South Carolina Volunteers, he did lead South Carolina Militia troops during several battles and skirmishes against Potter’s Raiders at the end of the war.


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