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Recommendation for Promotion to Colonel, CSA

In July 20, 1863, more than a year after James Pressley had assumed the command of the 10th Regiment, South Carolina Volunteer Infantry, he was recommended to receive the rank commeasurate with that position.

What follows is a verbatim transcription of the original hand-written document from Col. Pressley's Official Records, a copy of which is in my possession.

"So Ca Regt. " stands for "South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment."

The preposition, "vice," which appears several times in this document, means "replacing." A brief biography of the people mentioned in the recommendation follows.

Text of the Recommendation:


Head Quarters Manigault Brigade
Withers Division. Polks Corps. Army of Tennessee
Camp near Chatanooga. July 20, 1863.

  Major D E Huger, A. A. G.


I have the honor to recommend
the promotion of Lt. Col. Jas. F. Pressley as Col 10th So. Ca. Regt.
  vice Col. A. M. Manigault Appt. Brigadier General
of Major Julius T Porcher as Lt. Col. 10th So. Ca. Regt.
  vice Lt. Col. J. F. Pressley, promoted
To take rank from the date of the appointment of Col. A. M. Manigault as Brigadier General.

The two officers above named have been serving in the
capacity for which they have been recommended for promotion for more than a year, are competent & well qualified for those positions, & I would recommend that in their instances, an examination be dispensed with.

Also that Capt. J. L. White, Senior Captain, 19th So. Ca. be promoted Major of 19th So. Ca.
vice Major I. A. Crowder—died of wounds recieved at Battle of Murfreesboro on date February 14, 1863.

This officer has been examined & recommended by the board for promotion, a report of which has already been forwarded.

I have the honor to be, Major
            Very Repectfully
      Your Obedient Servant
A. M. Manigault
Brigadier General, Commander, Brigade

Biographies (in alphabetical order):

  • Crowder, John. A. (1834-1862)
    • Died, Battle of Murfreesboro. "Major Crowder...was conspicuous for [his] courage and coolness."—A. M. Manigault, A Carolinian Goes to War. Confederate Honor Roll for "conspicuous for courage and good conduct on the field of battle" at Murfreesboro. 31 December, 1862

Brigadier General A. M. Manigault

  • Manigault, A. M. (1824-1886)
    • James F. Pressley's immediate superior from Col. Pressley's entry into the war
    • Captain of the North Santee Mounted Rifles Militia, 1860
    • Leut. Col., volunteer Aid-de Camp to General Beauregard, Fort Sumpter, May, 1861
    • Organized the 10th SC Volunteers, elected Colonel, 31 May 1861
    • 10th SC Volunteers begin active service, 16 July 1861
    • Took command of the Brigade, early May, 1862
    • Promoted Brigadier General close to three months after the recommendation, 30 April 1863
    • Commanded Manigualt's Brigade until Franklin, TN, where he was wounded, 30 Nov. 64
    • Post-war: Planter, adjutant and inspector general for South Carolina

Lieutenant General Leonidas Polk
  • Polk, Leonidas (1806-1864)
    • Graduated West Point, along with friend, Jefferson Davis, 1827
    • Entered Theological Seminary at Alexandria, VA, 1827.
    • Ordained a Deacon, Episcopal Church, Richmond, Virginia, 1830.
    • Made Bishop of Louisiana, 1841
    • Became a sugar planter, with many slaves inherited by his wife.
    • He helped found the University of the South, Sewanee, TN, 1857
    • Major General in the Confederate Army, 1861
    • Lieutenant General, 1862
    • Killed at Pine Ridge, Georgia, during the Atlanta campaign, 14 June 1864
    • Interred, Christ Church Cathedral, New Orleans

  • Porcher, Julius T. (1829-1863)
    • Graduated South Carolina College and appears to have earned an M. D. degree, but never put it into practice.
    • Became a successful planter.
    • Organized Company K, Eutaw Volunteers, of the 10th S. C. at the beginning of the war.
    • Commanded Company K, 10th S. C. under Col. Manigault, later Col. Pressley
    • Promoted through the ranks from Captain to Lt. Col.
    • Died, Battle of Missionary Ridge, Chatanooga Campaign, 25 November 1863
      "No one was more universally lamented and whose loss was a more serious one to the service than that of Lieutenant Colonel Julius Porcher, of the 10th S. C."—A. M. Manigault, A Carolinian Goes to War.

Colonel James Fowler Pressley, CSA

  • Pressley, James Fowler (30 Aug 1835-13 Feb 1876)
    • S.C. Military Academy (The Citadel), 1852-1856.
    • Graduated Charleston Medical College (now Medical Univ. of SC), 1858
    • Married Emma Wilson, 15 April 1858.
    • Settled on the West side of Black Mingo Swamp, Williamsburg SC
    • Practiced medicine until early 1861.
    • Organized Company E, Black Mingo Rifle Guards, 10th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry, 31 May 1861.
    • Elected Captain of Company E, 31 May 1861.
    • Commander, 10th & 19th Infantry Regiments, January, 1862 to April, 1864.
    • Acting Brigadier General, Battle of Chickamauga, 20 September, 1863, under Lieutenant-General James Longstreet.
    • Wounded, Battle of Atlanta during advance featured in the Atlanta Cyclorama, 22 July 1864.
    • Elected to South Carolina Legislature, 1864
    • Recommended for promotion to Brigadier General, 16 December 1864.
    • Commanded State Militia during Potter's Raid, saving Williamsburg County and slowing the advance toward Sumter and Camden, South Carolina, April, 1865.
    • Set up a medical practice in Cynthiana, Kentucky in partnership with Dr. A.J. Beale, his Surgeon in the 10th SC., around 1867.
    • Moved with his extended family to Suisun City, CA, by ship via the Isthmus of Panama, 1869.
    • Established a medical practice in Suisun City, 1870.
    • Moved to San Jose, CA, either 1874 or 1875.
    • Died, San Francisco, CA, 13 Feb 1876.
    • Buried, Fairfield Cemetery, Solano Co., CA

  • White, James L.
    • Commanded Company H, 19th S. C. first under Col. Augustus J. Lythgoe, KIA, Murfreesboro, Tn., subsequently under Col. Pressley
    • Wounded at Battle of Atlanta

Major General Jones M. Withers
  • Withers, Jones M. (1814-1890)
    • Graduated West Point, 1835
    • Lawyer, cotton dealer, merchant, politician
    • Fought in Creek Uprising and the Mexican War
    • Member, Alabama State Legislature
    • Mayor of Mobile, AL, 1855-1859
    • Col. 3rd Alabama Infantry, 1861
    • Brigadier General, Alabama Gulf Coast defences, July, 1861
    • Brigadier General, 2nd Division of Bragg’s Corps at Battle of Shiloh, April 1862
    • Major General, 2nd Division of Bragg’s Corps at Battle of Murfreesborough, 30 Dec 1862
    • Lost command due to ill health
    • Later, took command of Alabama state reserve forces
    • Mayor of Mobile, AL, 1865-1866


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